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    Suspension CS1
    The combined effects of the Chlorella Suspension–CS1 serve to substantially decrease production costs
    of a farm by increasing the efficiency, productivity and the overall health of the livestock
    and consequently cutting farming costs, thus boosting economy.
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    Unique Algae-based
    Animal Feed
    Extensive research into the Product’s effect on livestock
    has clearly demonstrated strong increment in weight growth rate
    of the livestock from between 10 % up to 40 %

Extensive Research

We have been working in close collaboration with a institutions and scientists which lead to the development and successful patent of a specific algae strain product.

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Chlorella Powder

Because of a high demand KIEG has been working on developing a dried version of Chlorella CS1 for human use in the direction of nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.

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KIEG is an engineering company based in Prague, the Czech Republic since 2000. We specialize in industrial application of new technologies, (re)construction and commissioning of industrial plants with improved environmentally accountable technological solutions, waste-to-energy processing and specialized algae production.

We provide tailor-made engineering services and also develop and invest in our own projects in the field of renewable energy and biotechnology. Our company has over 17 years of proven track record in turn-key industrial design, manufacturing, installation and construction works. KIEG has been able to achieve steady growth as well as significant breakthrough in the sphere of technological innovation.

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Our strong team of highly dedicated scientists allows us to deliver high-tech solutions and serves as an engine for innovative ideas.

We are committed to providing innovative environmentally sustainable solutions in the fields of food and energy security, and the environment for quality life internationally.

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KIEG is a turn-key engineering services firm which normally operates as contractor and/or supplier, outsourcing skills and work force as may be required. Essential training and specialized technical support is also offered to clients on demand.

Key Group Holding is a related company created for the sole purpose of holding the registered patents of the group’s IP, which are in turn licensed to operating companies.

KIEGBIO-CZ is an Operator for the purpose of the project’s implementation.

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Why People Choose Us

  • Energy sector (oil and gas, renewable)
  • Waste-to-energy
  • Biotechnology (feed, food, wellness, health)
  • Feasibility studies and consulting
  • Research and development
  • Project and process documentation
  • Presentation to the public authorities

Latest News

  • 27SEP
    Livestock Application
    posted by admin in Work Process

    The Product’s truly unique properties and potential diverse application (to both livestock and humans) provide for what is occasionally referred to as a “once in a life time” opportunity. The first testing step – livestock application – is now completed and industrial scale market expansion has begun.

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  • 21OCT
    Testing on Humans
    posted by admin in Work Process

    The second step – testing the Product’s application on humans (e.g. pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries) is also underway. Furthermore, initial tests with fighting diabetes (and potentially even cancer) have yielded positive results.