Algae and High Octane Gasoline Production

KIEG® Algae Applications

Chlorella vulgaris KIEG – Patent Pending in EU
– KIEG® Chlorella CS1 – Animal Feed demonstrated successfully with broilers, laying hens, pigs, cattle, and diary cows.
– Environmental clean-up of polluted and toxic waters such as lakes and reservoirs (demonstrated in Russia)
– Dried Chlorella biomass for the pharmaceuticals and neutraceuticals industries.

Zeocin and the Production
of High Octane Gasoline

– This technology converts Syngas to high octane gasoline and heat through
a bi-functional reaction The Zeocin technology has been developed
in cooperation with STC Zeosit in Russia.

The Products of the Zeocin Process include:
– Super-95 gasoline
– Super-92 gasoline
– Diesel
– Heat energy through the exothermic reaction