Project BioSyn

Project Summary

The BioSyn project addresses issues such as energy security through the diversification and introduction of renewable energy sources, waste and sewage treatment while addressing climate change and food security issues and not least, the BioSyn project also contributes to the creation of new jobs.

The concept focuses on the implementation of several independent technologies into a holistic arrangement on an industrial scale to serve a range of waste disposal and energy needs.

The project technologies can be implemented independently, but provide the highest benefit when unified under the BioSyn concept.

Introduction to Project BioSyn

A concept for the holistic treatment of waste for the production of energy, gasoline and algae products through the implementation of environmentally friendly Local Energy Facilities (LEF).

The BioSyn concept is being implemented by Key Industry Engineering Group, s. r. o. We have a long standing proven record of turn.key installations based on oil and gas conservation technologies and are actively bringing this expertise to the bio energy field.

The Project’s Competitive Advantage

– The project is a concept with universal advantages which apply internationally.

– It provides for solutions of pressing energy, environmental and social challenges at local, national and international levels.

– These solutions are delivered in an efficient and profitable business manner, within the framework of already existing legislation, especially in the developed part of the world.

– The concept efficiently addresses a wide range of environmental issues.

– Waste provides an unlimited raw material in any part of the world.

– Production flexibility allows for a number of final products ranging from heat, electricity, gas, gasoline, biofuels, and algae products.

– The technologies allow for adaptability to local waste disposal, energy and agriculture market needs.

Fulfilled Project Works

To-date 7M Euro have been invested into the research, design, documentation and patent work for the BioSyn concept with the following results.

– Establishment of an algae pilot plant and biotechnology research lab in Prague – Uhříněves, Czech Republic for the application of Chlorella vulgaris KIEG® and other algae products.

– Launch of a 2 ton algae photo.bioreactor after extensive enhancements and equipment modifications.

– Design works on an enhanced concept in industrial scale algae production.

– Testing and optimization of KIEG® Chlorella CS1 production, application and effectiveness in cooperation with local commercial farms and research institutes, while improving animal health and providing a healthy natural alternative to antibiotics and hormones.

– A one ton per day capacity reactor for processing of solid domestic waste (SDW) and sludge for the production of fuel gases, Syngas and hydrogen.

– Pilot plants at STC ZEOSIT (Russian Academy of Sciences, the Boreskov’s Institute of Catalysis) and technologic regulations for designing of high octane gasoline production plant of 2 l/hr and annual capacity of 100,000 t/yr utilizing the SDW fuel gases.

– Research work performed in cooperation with the Chemical Processes Institute (Prague, Czech Republic) on conversion of bioethanol stillage waste to biogas with further utilization of biogas for growing of economically viable algae strains and manufacture of liquid fertilizers.