Industrial Implementation

Why the integrated Local Energy Facility?

The aim of the full scale project is to help address the issue of energy security via the gradual replacement of natural gas consumption with Syngas from the LEF while reducing harmful emissions.

The LEF can be designed to accommodate the sewage and solid waste of municipalities of 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 inhabitants.

These facilities will be developed under a system of franchising and licensing of the technologies with the aim of providing energy independence for communities worldwide through the utilization of their waste

Industrial Pilot Plant

Based on the fulfilled project works we look to implement our concept through the expansion of our existing facilities.

On completion of this stage of implementation we will have the following in place:
– 3 tons per day waste treatment through S2G technology.
– Expansion of current KIEG® Chlorella CS1 algae suspension production to 25,000 liters per day.
– Co-generation of 6 MW electric energy and 12 MW heat energy for sale to local power network.
– 2 liters per hour of high octane gasoline production through Zeocin integration.

This facility is to serve the following purposes:
– Demonstrable and profitable application of the technologies at a small industrial scale to serve investor and community relations.
– Allows for optimization of entire process based on sample waste streams from prospective projects.
– Provides income for further expansion of the concept.

Investment scale and forecasted payback period:
– 6 million Euro in 3 years from launch.

Industrial Scale Project

The next stage of implementation is through a full scale industrial application of the technologies.

The completion of this stage of the project will provide the technological and economical foundation to launch the LEF concept for further application around the world.

The industrial scale will include the following:
– 200,000 tons per year waste processing through our S2G technology.
– 1.25 million liters per day of KIEG® Chlorella CS1 algae suspension with possible transition to oil bearing algae for biodiesel production.
– 20,000 liters per day of high octane gasoline production.

Investment scale and forecasted payback period:
– 20 million Euro in 3.5 years from launch.