Waste Treatment (S2G Reactor)

Ecologically safe and proven method for the processing of solid organic (paper, wood, food/crop clippings, etc.) and hydrocarbon (plastics, rubbers, tars, etc.) wastes.

The process takes place in an all-enclosed reactor with the use of a molten salt, in which all materials separate into synthetic gas.

This unique solution addresses the problems of chloride and dioxin production associated with traditional waste incineration.


– Urban, suburban, rural & industrial waste disposal. Landfill reclamation.

Waste Inputs

– Paper, cardboard, wood, food/crop clippings, textiles, rubber, plastics, tars, sewage and more.


Synthetic gas (Syngas) which has the following applications within
the concept:

– Algae production based on the CO2 removed from syngas.

– Renewable heat and electric energy through co-generation or direct sale
as a natural gas substitute.

– High-octane gasoline via Zeocin.


– The concept focuses on the utilization of all gases typically emitted/wasted during energy production, therefore the only „emissions“ will be clean oxygen produced through photosynthesis if attached to a KIEG® Algae Photo-bioreactor.