Industrial Implementation

First industrial-scale production plant
currently being completed in Czech Republic

Location: Všechovice, Czech Republic (close to the border of Slovakia)

Current status: Under construction

Installed capacity: Maximum of 500 production units + 35 mother unit

Maximum capacity: 300,000 liters of KIEG CS1/day

Investment volume: USD 10 mil.

Staff employed: 27 people, incl. engineers, production workers, truck drivers
and administration staff

Customers: Agrofert (largest Czech and Slovak agriculture and food group;
27,000 employees) and small to medium livestock and milk producers
near Všechovice

Distribution: Radius 100 km; via thermal cistern trucks

Mobile production unit for experiments at the client’s farm

A mobile production plant is currently being developed

– Allows for on-site production of KIEG CS1 for experiments on the customers’ premises

– Single photo-bioreactor module producing c. 600 liters/day supplying up to 20,000 chickens per day

– Fits entirely in a standard ISO container and can be shipped world-wide for demonstration purposes

– Self-contained system only requiring connection to water, sewage and electricity

– Plugs directly into the watering line of the production hall

Distribution model

Thermal cistern trucks deliver KIEG CS1 to farm clusters or individual farms up to 100 km away

From a large, central production plant (e.g. Všechovice plant) KIEG CS1 can be delivered to customers via two ways:

Option 1: Daily delivery to farm clusters located within 10–100 km of the plant via thermal cistern truck;
Suspension is filled into the reservoir and pumped by facility via pipelines into individual dozing systems of the farms;
farms connected to one reservoir must be in close proximity to each other

Option 2: Daily delivery to decentralized farms located within 10–100 km via thermal cistern truck;
Cistern fills individual dosing systems one after another; Reservoir and pumping station not required