The Process

The production process is straightforward. The main elements involved are: (1) the algae strain, which belongs to Key Group Holding s.r.o.; (2) water; (3) natural chemicals; and (4) light. The reactors are cubic-shaped plastic tanks with waterproof light panels installed inside. Each tank is successively connected to the next in rows via plastic pipes. The suspension circulation flow is ensured by electric pumps. Sophisticated modern automation systems ensure fully automatic production cycle with minimum human labor input. The conditions in the bio-reactors simulate the algae’s ideal natural environment thus allowing for the most efficient growth rate to be achieved in a controlled manner, while the closed-circuit production cycle ensures high purity/quality and eliminates

atmospheric contamination (a widely observed problem with most algae producers using open-space ponds, aquariums and reservoirs).
The ready product is drained every 24 hours and collected in special reservoirs from where it is loaded on cistern trucks and delivered to farms – the end users.
Once delivered to the farms, the CS1 Product is fed to the livestock daily via KIEG’s designed Dosing Device (DD-1), which is readily integrated in existing livestock farm water supply systems. The DD-1 provides for fully automated dosed daily supply of the CS1 Product to various livestock which ensures improved feeding process and economic consumption of the feed. Alternatively, e.g. in small farms, the CS1 Product can be fed to livestock directly, manually.

Photo-bioreactor specially designed for the production of KIEG CS1

– State-of-the-art fully enclosed and automated production method complying with highest standards
– HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and ISO 9001 certified

Modular system of small production units which can easily be scaled

– Smallest capacity unit: 1,250 liters
– Daily production: 600 liters/unit (c. 50 % skimming)

Two production units are installed and used for experiments at KIEG’s laboratory
in the VÚŽV (Institute of Animal Science)

First industrial-scale plant close to completion in Moravia/Czech Republic
with a capacity of 300,000 liters (500 units)

Small mobile plant with one production unit (1,250 liters) available for experiments;
investment costs: c. 500,000 EUR