Test Results

Pig Fattening Farm Terra Kaplir

Pilot Testing of KIEG CS1 on pigs

A pig fattening trial was conducted on a pig fatting farm under standard production practices to determine the potential of Planktochlorella Algae Suspension in pig production

Performance IndicatorAlgaeControl
Fattening Days9898
Starting Weight (kg)32.927.3
Finishing Weight (kg)117.494.9
Gain (kg)84.567.6
Daily Gain (g)862690

Testing on Calves

KIEG CS1 in the treatment of diarrhea in new-born calves

  • Start: June, 2011
  • Aim: To determine the potential for KIEG CS1 to alleviate instances of diarrhea in new born calves
  • Test subjects: 20 Holstein calves evenly divided into two groups
  • KIEG CS1 was fed to newborn calves for 60 days with observation of weight gain through to 90 days.
  • The health status and weight gain of the calves was monitored against a control group with no addition of Planktochlorella to the diet

Performance ParameterAlgae GroupControl Group
Treatment Days223
Daily Gain (g)830751

Testing on Dairy Cows

Post-Peak Lactation Test

  • Start: March, 2012
  • Aim: Trial test of application of KIEG CS1 with dairy cows
  • Test subjects: 9 Holstein cows in post-peak lactation period
  • Test was conducted in the post peak production phase of lactation to monitor the effect of the use of CS1 on milk productivity
  • The experiment was carried out for 30 days with daily monitoring of milk production

Performance IndicatorAlgae GroupControl Group
Peak milk production (l/day)30.230.7
Milk production after 30 days29.929
Percent decline–1.0 %–5.5 %