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Advanced Refining Concepts, LLC

Company Snapshot

  • Headquartered in Reno, Nevada.
    Privately Held Company Founded in 2008.

    Company Produces Drop-in, Direct Replacement Clean Diesel Product, Called GDiesel®.

    Sold More Than 45 Million Gallons of GDiesel® to Date
    (Over One Million BBLS).

    GDiesel® Certified by US Government Agencies
    as a Clean Alternative Fuel.

    5 United States Patents Issued to Date with Multiple Foreign
    Patents and Filings.

    Company Manufactures and Sells ClearRefining® Processors
    under License Agreements.

    Patented ClearRefining® Platform Technology can be Applied
    to Other Fuels (e.g. Jet Fuel, Industrial and Heating Oils).

    Small liquid volume expansion from process reduces operating costs allowing GDiesel® to be sold at a near price parity to diesel fuel.