? Key Industry Engineering Group - The Project GDiesel production, installation and commissioning of ClearRefining Processor units

Commercial-Scale Manufacturing Facilities

The Project

The Project envisages production, installation and commissioning of eight ClearRefining Processor units with total output (GDiesel®) capacity of 37,453 ton/month.

The input (raw materials) is regular diesel fuel of EN 590 standard and natural gas – both readily available in the local Czech market.

The Project's products include: (1) the much improved, compared to competitive products, GDiesel®; and/or (2) processing services to clients with regular diesel converted into the superior GDiesel®.

The production facility is a modular complex consisting of several technological ClearRefining Processor units installed on an industrial site with existing

infrastructure, including adequate supply of electricity, natural gas and fuel storage tanks. More precisely, the facility includes:

    • Modular complex consisting of eight technological ClearRefining Processor units covered by a simple rooftop structure;
    • Operation and control room;
    • Cooler room;
    • Social needs space;
    • Storage tanks (for both input and output material);
    • Load-unload ramp.

    • GDiesel® Fuel Production Facility McCarran, Nevada, USA
    • ClearRefining® Equipment Assembly Facility Sparks, Nevada, USA