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GDiesel® Emission Results


The production's raw material is diesel fuel type EN 590 and natural gas to be purchased locally in the Czech Republic.

The final product is significantly improved diesel fuel with enhanced energy and environmental parameters under the trademark of GDiesel®. The final product is to be sold to traders and end-users directly. Alternatively, potential clients (both traders and end-users) would be offered the service of processing and enhancement of their current diesel fuel in stock into GDiesel® for the benefit of improved energy efficiency and the environment.

NB: during the processing of regular diesel into the improved GDiesel® additional volume of improved diesel fuel is produced due to the conversion of part of the natural gas into the final GDiesel® product – typically between 7–12 % depending on raw material quality.

University of Arizona San Xavier Underground Mining Laboratory

Note: Comparison Fuels are ULSD #2, Biodiesel (B75 soy) and GDiesel® #2

Clark County, NV and the College of Southern Nevada

Note: Comparison Fuels are ULSD #2, Biodiesel (B5 soy) and GDiesel® #2