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Who we are

Key Industry Engineering Group s.r.o. is an engineering company based in Prague, the Czech Republic since 2000. We specialize in: (1) industrial application of new technologies; (2) construction/(reconstruction) and commissioning of industrial plants with improved environmentally accountable technological solutions; (3) R&D focused on innovative alternative energy sources, waste-to-energy processing and specialized algae production.

We provide tailor-made engineering services and also develop and invest in our own projects in the field of renewable energy and biotechnology. Our company has over 17 years of proven track record in turn-key industrial design, manufacturing, installation and construction works. KIEG has been able to achieve steady growth as well as significant breakthrough in the sphere of technological innovation. Our strong team of highly dedicated scientists allows us to deliver high-tech solutions and serves as an engine for innovative ideas.

Shortly About Our Company

Feasibility studies and consulting • Project and process documentation • Project presentation to the competent public examination authorities • Competitive selection and supply of integrate equipment for facility construction • Assembling, start-up and adjustment of modules and complexes • Design and development of required software, automation systems and alike • Research and development of complex organic waste treatment and processing into renewable energy • Bio-technology products and projects

KEIG, KIEGBIO-CZ and Key Group Holding have been established in the Czech Republic (CR) as Limited Liability companies (s.r.o.) based on the recommendation of our advisory board. This provides us with optimal administrative, tax and operational environment, in view of the nature of our business and anticipated growth at the current stage of project development.

The legal seat of our companies is located at Praha 4 - Nusle, Mojmírova 1710/15 while the central offices (including experimental facilities and main laboratory) are located at Přátelství 815, 104 00 Praha - Uhříněves (c/o VÚŽV).

We are committed to providing innovative environmentally sustainable solutions in the fields of food and energy security, and the environment for quality life internationally.

We maintain a core team of 25 professionals (engineers, scientists and IT specialists) in our head offices in Prague, Czech Republic. We also have representations in Germany, USA, Russian Federation and Belarus.

KIEG is specialized in the research, industrial design, automation, construction and commissioning of improved environmentally accountable technologies in the fields of biology, energy sources, petrochemicals and waste processing.

KIEG has 17 years of a proven track record in innovative turn-key solutions, providing tailor-made engineering services in the markets of the former Soviet Union as well as developing and investing in its own projects.

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